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The Arts

Revitalization Through the Arts

Promoting the Arts should be the centerpiece in the effort to revitalize Four Corners. As mentioned in the History section, Four Corners was once a vibrant cultural center for all of Lafayette Parish, though these institutions are gone, there function can be replaced with new institutions that high light the rich Cajun and Creole Culture of the surrounding neighborhood.

Our Hope is to create a cultural District that is Centered on Lafayette’s Four Corners. The set pieces for this cultural distric will be a Folk Life Theater and Gallery that will be housed at the former Coca-Cola Bottling Plant located at 1506 Cameron street and an outdoor performance Space in a park that we hope to develop on adjudicated and blighted property immediately across Cameron Street. These spaces, taken together, will provide an opportunity to highlight the rich culture and history of the adjacent neighbor and create an anchor few a rising neighborhood.

Folk-Life Theatre

In the theater and public performance spaces, our goal is to involve as many people as possible in a theatrical experience that empowers the individual, bonds the community and strengthens the local economy while crossing the boundaries of class, race, economy and social class. The Folk Life Plays produced at this location will delight audiences of all ages and all backgrounds. It will present stories of universal appeal- stories about life and death, about family, about community. Each performance will feature a blend of comedy and drama that will be drawn from the stories of the people who live in the neighborhood and performed by people from the neighborhood.

The Folk-Life Theatre will follow the model developed in Colquitt, GA. For more information on Colquitt, GA Swamp Gravy, click HERE.

Folk-Art Galleries

Artist Lofts


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