Areas We Seek to improve with Better Block Four Corners Lafayette

CDs7_UdVAAAoFFz.jpg largeBetter Block Four Corners Lafayette will address the following four areas which we will break down in greater depth:
◾Shared Access
◾Stay Power
◾8-80 Amenities

Safety (Real and Perceived)

First and foremost, if an area feels unsafe then everything breaks down. Whether it be businesses, schools, or neighborhood revitalization, the key to changing a place is addressing its perceived safety. When approaching blocks, we ask the questions:

  • Does it feel safe to cross the street?
  • Does it feel safe to stand on the sidewalk?
  • Does it feel safe to linger in the area?
  • Does the area have hidden corners or large obstacles that reduce open sightlines?
  • Is there area filled with debris, graffiti, overgrown landscaping, etc.?
  • Do the businesses have bars on the windows or opaque windows?

Our goal is to address each of these questions and find ways to improve the area rapidly.

Shared Access

The next goal we focus on is looking at ways to bring more people into the area by various modes of transportation. We ask the questions:

  • Do pedestrians have easy and clear access to the area?
  • Do bicycles feel welcome in the area?
  • Is the area easily accessible from neighborhoods?
  • Are there way finding signs that direct people into and out of the area?
  • Are there amenities that allow people to linger in the space (seating, tables, etc.)?

Stay Power 

How can we encourage people to visit the area and have them linger, and invite their friends?

  • Are there food options on the block?
  • Are there places to eat outdoors?
  • Are there maps, bulletin boards, games, or other amenities that encourage people to linger?
  • Is the identity of the area prominent (arts district, cultural district, historic area)?

8 – 80, dog-owners

Lastly, we look at amenities that create invitations for children, seniors, and dog owners on a block. These groups tend to be indicators of a healthy environment that feels welcoming and attracts other people.

Check out the proposed Layout for the Better Block 4 Corners Event here!

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